Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

“But it’s never too late to start a new beginnin’
That goes for you too, so what the fuck you gon’ do?
Use the tools you’re given!
Or you’re gon’ use the cards you’re dealt
As an excuse for you to not do shit with ’em?”

– Eminem on “Believe

Four years ago, I wrote this. Years later, and it still rings truer than ever:

There are certain significant moments in your life that you define as rites of passages. Whether it’s getting your driver’s license, graduating, or getting married, there are certain defining moments that you’ll probably remember forever. This past month, I experienced one of them. This past month, I experienced a new beginning.

But before all that, whatup y’all! What’s going on? Welcome to the Ajaxxx.com December 2017 Opinions Column aka the last one for the year! Holy wow! It’s hard to believe that this year is wrapping up. For those that’re new to the site, this is the place where I talk about anything and everything on my mind. For those returning, you already know! I feel like it’s been a whirlwind since my last Opinions Column, so let’s catch up, shall we?

So new beginnings. In April 2013, I talked about moving and the significance of it. This past month, I moved again. It’s been an emotional ride for me, especially since I have issues with letting go lol. I was living in another spot for a couple years that I really made home, but alas, it was time to move on and leave the past behind.

As I walked the [former] crib for the final time, a wave of emotion swept over me and I began to remember the memories I had there. Whether it was the time I found a frog on the washing machine, the time I played Ducktales on the Wii U by myself into the late hours of the night, or all the songs and videos I recorded there, there were many great experiences I had there. I’m still trippin’ on how I don’t live there anymore. It was a memorable chapter in my life but as life usually reminds me, things don’t last forever and you have to move on. How fitting for the end of the year, right?

As one chapter comes to a close, I’m transitioning nicely into the new one. I’ve gotten my computer, desk, and music set up already running again (although it was later than scheduled, which explains why this post is also coming later than scheduled). I’ve also gotten the majority of stuff unpacked, although there’s still stuff left to do. So I’m making good progress. I guess after moving so many times in such a short duration of time gets your skills up lol.

Anyway, that’ll do it for me. I need to make a few trips to buy stuff for the new crib. Stay tuned for my year in review, along with a video, coming in a few days.

Until next year (ahh!), stay up, stay safe, and hold ya head! Ajaxxx signing out, PEACEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!