Friday, December 30th, 2016

Oh 2016, what a year you’ve been. This has been a year like no other and that’s putting it lightly. From the election of 2016 to Brexit, the world changed in monumental ways. We saw Lebron bring a championship to Cleveland while Kobe retired, the Cubs finally won, and Rio hosted the Olympics. There was Pokemon GO, exploding Samsung phones, and the breakup of Brad & Angelina. And sadly, the worst U.S. mass shooting occured in my own hometown, Orlando, at the Pulse nightclub. It will be a year to remember.

Many people are ready to move on from 2016. From an election that tore us apart, Americans are still healing. I was pretty vocal myself as I saw people become so polarized during election season. There were a number of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and shootings throughout the world. And we lost some incredible people this year, from Prince to Carrie Fisher to John Glenn (and that’s just scratching the surface). It’s been unreal.

It hasn’t been all bad though. In the face of terror, people came together. I saw the largest outpouring of love in the face of the Pulse shooting. The economy improved, a woman ran for president, and the Paris climate agreement hopes to improve (and protect) the environment. And yes, we got Rogue One and Stranger Things in the same year.

On a personal level, it’s been a memorable year for me as well. So as I do everyyy year, I will revisit it and touch on the highlights that I’ve experienced. This should be a good one too. So here goes…presenting to you MY 2016 year in review.

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

The video for “Broken Dreams” was just featured on! I read the write-up from the Urban Asian team about the video and it turned out great.

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Whatup world? Check out the great article from the folks over at Bravura Magazine, where they featured “Broken Dreams” on their website.

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Oh 2016, what a year you’ve been. As we approach the final days of this year, let’s take a moment and look back at the Honeys of the Month for 2016. It’s been a busy year, and this section of the site remains just as strong as when it was launched. So yeah, let’s take a look back and remember 2016. And as we’ve done in years past, click here to see all the 2016 Honeys.

So tell me…who was your favorite Honey of the Month for 2016?

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

It’s here. After an incredible journey, the music video for “Broken Dreams” is now live and online.

From multiple recording sessions to a three-day shoot in New York, it’s amazing to see one of your own songs come to life the way this has. It’s been an incredible journey and I’m extremely grateful to have reached this point. Finally, the video is here.

I’ve mentioned this before but this song is really personal to me. In fact, it’s one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written. From self doubt to lost love, I open up about certain insecurities while also reminding myself (and hopefully you) that it’s important to remain positive through it all. I hope the video conveys this message. And of course, I hope you feel it as much I did when I wrote it.